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The updated AgriTech 2030 outlines the key policy asks our industry addresses to policy-makers for the next EU term and anticipates some of the challenges for the long-run. Enhancing agricultural data-sharing, supporting investment in research and infrastructure, upgrading  digital skills or machines adaptation to respond to an evolving agricultural sector arise as some of the topics where the agricultural machinery industry will put the focus in the coming years. 

On the other hand, legislators also need to deliver on the immediate enabling challenges with as little disruption as possible, putting industry at the core of their strategic vision; modernizing the CAP to enable all farmers to access to the right working tools in order to improve farming practices; living up to the commitments set in the 2019 Joint Declaration on a smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas; and delivering on the €10bn for research and innovation projects announced for food, agriculture, rural development and the bio-economy.

AgriTech 2030 maps out the future of Europe’s industry for advanced agricultural machinery and solutions towards 2030. It is consistent with CEMA’s mission to bring shared expertise and shape EU legislation for the benefit of sustainable farming and the agricultural machinery and solutions sector.

Building on that, CEMA calls on the EU institutions to set a forward-looking policy agenda that will support the technology and innovation leadership of this sector in the coming years.

To implement AgriTech 2030, CEMA will work closely with the European Institutions, farmers, agricultural contractors and other partner organisations on the following areas:

  1. Maximizing the Industry’s Contribution to Highly Productive, Competitive, Sustainable Farming Methods with High Safety Standards
  2. Bringing European Farming to the Forefront of Digital and Precision Agriculture
  3. Strengthening Europe’s Industrial and Technological Leadership in Advanced Farm Equipment

 You can download the full document HERE 


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