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CEMA, together with 10 other EU associations representing different sectors of the agro-food chain, co-signed the 'EU Code of Conduct on agricultural data sharing by contractual agreement'. The co-signatories involved in this initiative are: COPA-COGECA, Fertilizers Europe, CEETTAR, CEJA, EFFAB, FEFAC, ECPA, ESA, CEMA, AnimalHealthEurope and CLIMMAR.



This document warmly welcomed by EU's Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan, and EU's Digital Economy & Society Commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, sets key principles and guidelines to deploy the full potential of digital farming in Europe in order to create value and business opportunities by applying data-driven solutions based on contractual agreements. 

Why to release a joint Code of Conduct on data-sharing for the agri-food sector?

The rise of digital farming creates an unprecedented amount of agricultural data, collected by diverse means, such as farm machines, drones, robots, satellites, sensors, meteorological stations, Copernicus, etc. which can benefit all actors involved in the agri-food chain.

But to make possible all relevant parties have the necessary access to data and benefit from its value, fair and transparent rules need to be clearly set, so that the data sharing is handled appropriately, securely and creating trust among partners.

To be noted, this Code of Conduct is a non-binding document providing guidance on the use of agricultural data, looking at general principles and contractual relations where the farmer remains at the heart of the collection, processing and management of agricultural data. 

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Translations of the Code of Conduct are now avaiable in several different languages: 

Spanish version: Código de conducta de la UE sobre el intercambio de datos agrarios por acuerdo contractual, available for download HERE 

French version: Code de conduite de l’UE relatif au partage des données agricoles par accord contractuel, available for download HERE

Italian version: Codice di condotta UE sulla condivisione dei dati nel settore agricolo mediante un accordo contrattuale, avaiable for download HERE