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The QuantiFarm project has reached a major milestone: the QuantiFarm Τoolkit, an inclusive online platform focused on Digital Agriculture Technology Solutions (DATS), is now available for users to explore.

The QuantiFarm Toolkit: Purpose and Audience 

The QuantiFarm project developed and implemented an Assessment Framework to evaluate the costs and benefits, as well as the positive and negative impacts of DATS along the three sustainability dimensions: economic, environmental, and social.

QuantiFarm evaluated the performance of a range of DATSs operated by commercial farms in the context of 30 Test Cases located in 20 countries, across different biogeographical regions in the EU covering 7 agricultural sectors (Arable, Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy, Meat, Apiculture, Aquaculture).

The QuantiFarm Toolkit is a web based user-friendly dashboard that presents the assessment outcomes for the evaluated DATS. These outcomes provide real-world evidence of the benefits and challenges when specific DATS are used in specific contexts and thus support the decision-making process of relevant stakeholders (farmers, advisors, policy makers).

The QuantiFarm Toolkit is not limited to the data provided by the 30 Test Cases. The toolkit includes descriptions (specs, application areas, tech provider) for a large set of DATSs from existing inventories and also obtained from an extensive state-of-the-art literature review. This enables the QuantiFarm Toolkit to provide a consolidate repository and knowledge base of approximately 400 DATSs.

The QuantiFarm Toolkit’s knowledge base is used by 5 different tools which support data-driven decision support for farmers, advisors and policy makers. The tools use actual evidence on the effectiveness of DATSs in specific conditions included in the database, as well as estimations regarding their potential impact in different contexts.

You can start using the QuantiFarm Toolkit at the following address:

A few words about QuantiFarm 

QuantiFarm is a project funded by the European Commission's Horizon Europe programme. Launched with the aim of assessing the impact of digitalisation in agriculture, QuantiFarm is developing an Assessment Framework to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of digital tools that promise to modernise farming. “How do we know what’s the best technology for a given farm?” is the question that led to the founding principle of QuantiFarm, which aims to explore if and how well digital tools perform in commercial agriculture. 

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At a glance - Key facts and figures

  • Instrument: Horizon Europe
  • Total budget:  € 7,397,382
  • Duration: 3,5 years, 2022-2025
  • Consortium: A total of 32 partners from 20 European countries

 QuantiFarm 2nd Press Release

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