UK authorities transmitted to CEMA and other stakeholder the latest information applying in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) on type-approvals for agricultural vehicles and for engines intended to be mounted in non-road mobile machinery:

  • Provisional GB type-approvals for T categories are currently expected to be valid till the end of 2027.

The principle of the provisional GB type-approval is to submit to the UK authorities (VCA) the list of tractor types intended to be placed on the GB market, to provide the corresponding European type-approvals as well as their associated Conformity of Production certificate. The manufacturer is not requested to have a representative in Great Britain for provisional GB type-approvals.

Once VCA informs of the successful registration of these provisional GB type-approvals, vehicles can be placed on the GB market using the same EU Certificates of Conformity and the same EU plates.

Provisional GB type-approvals are valid 2 years and must be renewed after this period, following the same procedure. It is important to note that that if you received a provisional approval in the first tranche issued 1 January 2021, these will require renewal. However, if there has been an extension to the GB provisional approval over the last 2 years, the extension should have generated a new approval with a new 2-year validity.

Provisional type-approvals can be applied using the following portal: VCA Portal - Vehicle Certification Agency (

  • Provision GB type-approvals to engines used in Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM)

From 1 January 2023, provisional GB type-approvals, following the same rules as described above, will apply to all engines placed on GB the market either installed in or destined to be installed in NRMM. The provisional type-approvals are currently expected to apply till the end of 2027 as well. It will have to be based on a valid EU engine type-approval (according to Regulation 2016/1628) or on a UNECE R96 type-approval (according to the 5th series of amendments of R96).

This request does not apply to engines fitted on tractors.

The UK Government is expected to run a consultation on full GB type approval in Q1/Q2 2023 for NRMM engines, Vehicles falling under Regulation 167/2013 (agricultural vehicles) and Regulation 168/2013 (light vehicles).

Additionally, the UK government informed stakeholders of the two additional years given to manufacturers to implement the UKCA marking intended to show the compliance to UK Regulations like ‘The supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 (S.I. 2008/1597)’ (equivalent to the Machinery Directive): the CE marking is still accepted till the end of 2024.

All information is available at: Businesses to be given UK product marking flexibility - GOV.UK (

For Norther Ireland (NI), the situation is simpler: EU type-approvals still apply without any further administrative work; machinery, on their side, can still bear a CE mark.