Dear CEMA colleagues and friends,

Spring time has arrived which means busy times are round the corner, both for farmers and this year, for European politicians too.

The European elections on 23-26 of May are going to be a decisive moment marking the pace of European politics for the next five years. As citizens all over Europe exercise their right to vote, choices will be made that not only impact our daily lives but also the framework in which manufacturers of advanced agricultural machinery and solutions produce, as well as the environment for farmers all over Europe.

The last session of the current European Parliament in Strasbourg took place last week. That was the moment for some historical MEPs to say goodbye, also to announce those who will run for a new term and finally the time to wait and see for new faces to be part of the EU arena.

From CEMA, we would like to thank the outgoing Members of the European Parliament for the great cooperation & commitment they had in the past five years.

Wishing you all the best for your new challenges or for the upcoming election, we look forward to welcoming a renewed European Parliament ready for an exciting EU mandate!


Yours faithfully,

2019 CEMA President

Anthony Van der Ley

CEMA President