Professional equipment is often used in remote locations as forests


The Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC regulates the noise emissions of a large variety of machines. For certain machines maximum noise limits are set and for others like chippers and shredders a noise label to inform users about noise emissions is mandatory. This Directive is currently being revised by the European Commission. CEMA welcomes the opportunity to provide its comments on the revision of the Outdoor Noise Directive.

Agricultural machinery is generally not covered by this legislation. The only equipment that is covered are woodchippers and shredders, where CEMA represents the manufacturers of professional equipment. It is important to note that this professional equipment is significantly different than the chippers and shredders used in private gardens. Professional equipment is more powerful and works more often in remote locations as forests. At the moment, these machines have a noise label only and no maximum noise emission limit. CEMA is convinced that this is the right approach and this should not be changed when the legislation is revised. Technical adjustments needed to comply with stringent noise limits will have severe negative consequences for the machines making them more expensive and possibly slower. 

Above all, there are better ways to reduce the hinderance from the machines such as limiting the usage. Therefore, CEMA developed the following position paper as input to the revision process you can CHECK HERE

There is one point where CEMA believes it is appropriate to update the legislation. This concerns the noise test code. The new noise test code for professional chippers and shredders should be aligned with the revised EN 13525. For the noise test code there should be a clear distinction between smaller equipment and larger professional equipment.