Document: 2020_02_05_CEMA_PT3_PP_Strategy_paper_agricultural_machinery_data_sharing.pdf

CEMA’s contribution to deliver on a profitable sustainable agriculture


A key element to reach the full potential of digital farming is easy, protected, automated data sharing. This data sharing is realised by allowing automatic communication between digital platforms. This document explains how the agricultural machinery industry is planning to tackle all remaining technical hurdles whilst staying in line with the Code of conduct on data sharing by contractual agreement.

It starts with the general principle of restricting the data sharing to workable sets of value data only. The necessary filtering and classification happens to the maximum extent already at machine and machine cloud level. The OEM cloud must be the first access point for retrieving the data and not the machine level. It ensures the safety and security at machine level without tampering with the data rights of the farmer. The number of data formats must be restricted so they can be used by all platforms.

A maximum of innovation freedom should be retained at data platform level. Therefore the data sharing and cloud2cloud communication is realised through standardised Application Program Interfaces APIs. It allows a full system of systems approach where a farmer can get all information and all services in one central point – his preferred farm management and farm information management system.

Standardised data access and secured data flow, by means of certification, should significantly increase the level of trust of farmers and cloud manufacturers for data sharing.

And a dedicated agricultural data governance scheme will allow sharing of different types of data, e.g. highly protected data to farmers only, certified data for proof of compliance and open data for a general public, if the farmer agrees to do so.

Allowing also data transfer between systems by automatic consent, rather than between persons, will in future reduce the burden for users even further.

With these developments the full data potential can be exploited for a profitable sustainable agriculture.

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