The technical requirements to cover all types of mobile machinery, i.e. self-propelled machinery as well as towed equipment, were finalised and submitted to the European Commission for further treatment.


The Industrial Task Force on Non Road Mobile Machinery (ITF NRMM), composed by CEMA, CECE, EGMF, EUnited, EUROPGEN and FEM, submitted to the European Commission the finalised technical document on towed equipment. This is intended to complete the technical text to harmonise European technical requirements on the design of mobile machinery when it comes to road circulation.

The part dealing with self-propelled machinery was submitted to the Commission in 2019.

In order to complete the coverage of mobile machinery, there was an agreement between associations to include towed equipment. An Ad Hoc Group prepared a draft, which was revised to ensure consistency with the self-propelled machinery technical document.

It must be noted that agricultural trailed equipment are already covered in Regulation 167/2013 under category R (trailers) or category S (interchangeable towed equipment); a revised scope proposal was also provided.

The representatives of the DG GROW, Unit C.3, have welcomed this submission and have reiterated their interest for a harmonisation of the technical requirements for the road circulation of mobile machinery. A public consultation is planned for this fall to enable a potential adoption of the new regulation in the second half of 2021.