The SmartAgriHubs Innovation Portal will connect you to key AgriTech stakeholders in Europe

SmartAgriHubs in a nutshell

SmartAgriHubs, a €20M EU project under the Horizon 2020 programme, brings together a consortium of 160 partners in the European agri-food sector. The project aims to realise the digitisation of European agriculture. The heart of the project is formed by 28 flagship innovation experiments (FIE) serving as benchmarks for other Innovation Experiments to strive towards. This is where technology solutions are put into practice. Flagship Innovation Experiments are conducted with the help of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) which facilitate access to the latest knowledge and expertise, and technology support provided by Competence Centres (CC).

CEMA, member of the SmartAgriHubs consortium, is dedicated to the actions within WP1 including:

  • Ecosystem building - assisting existing DIHs in all European regions to strengthen and expand their network, so that they can fulfil their mission to enable, support and develop an increasing number of Innovation Experiments.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing - building trust and to facilitate knowledge sharing within and between DIHs to broaden their capacities and services.
  • Communication and dissemination - organises and implements SmartAgriHubs’ communication strategy and activities to raise awareness about the project and disseminate its results


The SmartAgriHubs Innovation Portal

CEMA is delighted to announce the launch of the SmartAgriHubs Innovation Portal developed with aim to expand and better connect the network of key AgriTech stakeholders across Europe in order to foster mutual knowledge exchange and collaboration between those who deal with Agrifood and those with digital skills. Serving as a search engine, a one-stop-shop marketplace, a library, a training platform, a calendar, a network, discussion forum and matchmaking service, a user can, with just a few clicks and search queries, look for desired Competence Centres, SMEs, Digital Innovation Hubs, documents or trainings tackling a specific problem, presenting a particular solution, and within a distinct sector or geographical region. Check this video for more information.


How You Can Join the Innovation Portal Ecosystem

Are you keen in:

  • Finding other organizations to help you with technical or business advice;
  • Expending and sharing your knowledge in search for a digital solution for your project;
  • Learning skills you need to succeed and engaging in discussion;
  • Joining events to network grow and learn more about digital technology.

The SmartAgriHubs Innovation portal it the right tool for you. You are just minutes away to become a member of SmartAgriHubs network. Create your profile and register here.



Project coordination
Dr. George Beers
Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen, The Netherlands
+31 70 335 8337
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Project communication
M.Sc. Edwin Hecker
Schuttelaar & Partners
Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 502 2008
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