CEMA & COPA-COGECA present the European Code of Conduct on data-sharing by contractual arrangement 

On 4&5 March the Prague Congress Centre was animated by the participants to the Horizon 2020 SmartAgriHubs project. The event deployed over the course of two full days, followed by an extra “Synergy Day” with the other big Horizon 2020 project in the field of agri-food, IoF2020.

SmartAgriHubs logo

SmartAgriHubs is a project dedicated to accelerating the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector. Its core is represented by 28 Flagship Innovation Experiments (FIEs) dedicated to representing digital innovations in agriculture. To facilitate exchange the FIEs will be conducted with the help of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) which facilitate access to the latest knowledge and expertise making business more competitive, and technology support provided by Competence Centres. 

To reflect the regional specificities that are so prominent in agriculture, SmartAgriHubs uses a Regional Cluster approach, where each regional cluster represents a group of agricultural Digital Innovation Hubs, Competence Centres and Innovation Experiments. The Regional Clusters are led by organisations that are closely related to national or regional digitisation initiatives and funds.

The activities of SmartAgriHubs will revolve around five sectors: arable farming, livestock, vegetable, fruits and aquaculture.

2019 03 SmartAgriHubs plenary

Over the course of the two-days kick-off conference event, representatives of the 104 partners of the project had a chance to interact, get to know each other and dig deeper into the various innovation experiments, displayed in an Exhibition Village organised by the Regional Clusters.  

The Conference was also an occasion for project partners to highlight relevant activities they are carrying out in specific workshops. CEMA took this occasion to present, together with the farmers association COPA-COGECA, the European Code of Conduct on agricultural data sharing. The exchange provided precious information on the best ways to inform stakeholders about the Code. 

2019 03 SmartAgriHubs Workshop code of conduct

The event also saw the launch of the official project website. Click HERE to find more information about SmartAgriHubs.